Sourdough Potato Starter

There is a lot of great information about sourdough starters on the internet.  I have found that there are two basic types.  Those started with Yeast and those started without yeast. However, the concept is the same; create a culture or fermentation with friendly bacteria (lactobacilli), present in our natural environment; and the wild yeast attracted to and living on flour, begin to work with one another when flour is mixed with warm water in your bowl or crock and that is what gives your end product the “sour” deliciousness.  You can even buy a sourdough “starter” powder to add to a mixture of flour and water.   I’m not a “sourdough” expert, I just like my little potato started and know it works great.  Making your own Sourdough Potato Starter and is very easy and inexpensive and that is what I want to show you in this post today.

Once we have our Sourdough Potato Starter going and fed, we are going to make in into the most delicious and aromatic Sourdough Biscuits you have ever eaten.  We can also use this starter for Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough Potato Starter Recipe

2 C flour

1/2 Tsp salt

1 Tbsp sugar

1 small potato grated

warm water

Mix together the ingredients and add enough warm water to make the consistency of thick pancake batter. Approximately 1 1/2 Cups.   Choose a container with a lid that is about 4 times larger than the ingredients.  I use a large Tupperware bowl with a lid.

*Many sourdough enthusiasts use a crock and a cloth cover and string or elastic tied tight around the top.

Sourdough Potato Starter
Store the Sourdough Potato Starter is a container with a lid


To Feed your Sourdough Starter:

1 C milk

1 C flour

1/4 C sugar

Stir in these three ingredients to the sourdough starter and do not use for 24 hours.  Feed every 4-6 days.

On day 1, I created the sourdough starter with the flour, sugar, salt, water and potato.  I let this mixture grow and create the good bacteria on my counter for 24 hours.  When it was bubbly, it should look like this.

Sourdough Potato starter
Sourdough potato starter bubbly after 24 hours
Sourdough Potato Starter
24 hours after feeding the Starter

On day 2, I used the recipe above to feed the starter with flour, milk and sugar.  I let the starter rest again in my refrigerator for another 24 hours.

Finally, stir the sourdough potato starter liquid and you are read to use 1 cup of the dough to make your first batch of biscuits!

Remember, each time you use your starter and remove a cup of dough, feed the starter and don’t use for 24 hours.




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