Good Gravy!

Good Gravy
This picture from Bon Appetit shows the method in my blog. Whisk in the liquids after stirring in the flour to the fat.


Good Gravy Recipe

Pan drippings from turkey

1/4-1/2 C Flour

2-3 C vegetable water and tap water combination

3 C Chicken broth – good quality – low sodium

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 tsp garlic powder

left over herb butter

Gravy….  So, I think this is one of the easiest things to make but many people are totally intimidated by the concept of the lumps.  The secret to smooth gravy is to never add water to the pan BEFORE the flour.   Now you know.  When your Turkey is done, remove it to your platter or carving tray and you should have left a lovely pan of fat and juices.

Secret tip #1- when I know that I am going to make gravy I don’t add liquid to my pan when cooking the meat that will provide the fat and juices for the gravy.  This changes the method for the gravy.  So for turkey, I don’t add any broth to the cooking pan while the turkey is cooking to ensure that the only thing left in the pan is turkey fat and juices from the meat.  Turn heat on to your burners and put the turkey roaster on the heat.

For today, we are making a Roux.  Sprinkle flour into the fat until all the fat is absorbed.  Secret tip #2- Stir with a WHISK!  I can’t really tell you how much flour to use, only to say that when you don’t have any more visible fat and it looks a little dry, you have enough flour.  Let this cook for about a minute until it is bubbly.

Add the liquid from your potatoes or vegetables.  If you are still waiting for your veggies to cook, then add plain tap water and chicken broth or a combination.  This again is personal taste.  The chicken broth will add flavor, but you probably won’t need all broth with the herb butter under the skin and the delicious drippings.   I like half broth and half water.   It will take several cups, probably 4-6 total liquid.  Stir with the whisk until smooth and let cook for a few minutes to cook out the flour taste.  You will want to test at this point and maybe add a little salt and pepper.

If you have a little of the herb butter left over you could add that as well.  Flavorless gravy is very unappetizing.  This is a large pan of gravy, but you are also cooking for a large group and will use a large amount.  You may also want gravy left overs!  It should turn out perfect, but if you do end up with lumps, don’t panic!  (Kick everyone out of your kitchen) and just strain your gravy through a wire strainer as you pore it into the gravy boats or servers.  An immersion blender will take care of lumps as well.  Problem totally solved!

Your gravy should be smooth and silky and the consistency of heavy cream; not too thick.  Enjoy!  Post a comment and tell me how it went!

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