Count Down to Thanksgiving- Getting Organized


Countdown to Thanksgiving - Getting Organized
Celebrate the bounty of the season with loved ones

Count Down to Thanksgiving – Getting Organized Time Line

2 weeks before:

Make Cranberry Sauce – put in freezer – see post to come

Make Grandma’s Apple cinnamon Pie crust – Put in freezer

Make Meat Dressing – Put in Freezer – see post to come

Buy Turkey – Store in Freezer

Send your table cloth to the dry cleaners.  Why spend time ironing when you can just take it out of a bag for a couple of dollars and save yourself so much time.  Or you could use plastic, but this is a special day…

1 Week Before:

Sunday – Take Turkey out of Freezer – before Thanksgiving

Prepare Herb Butter for Turkey-Put in Refrigerator

Tuesday – Take pastry out of Freezer – put in refrigerator


Roll out Pastry for Pies and Fill them.  Bake.  Follow Grandma’s Apple Cinnamon Pie recipe or add Cherry pie filling to crust and bake according to instructions on can.  Follow Peanut Butter Pie Recipe Post

Assemble Cheese Hash brown’s recipe – put in fridge to bake in morning

I usually set the table the night before.  Especially if you have a dining room that is separate from the eating area your family normally uses.  Then I don’t have to worry about it on the day of.

Thursday Morning:

Prepare Sausage Apple Bread Stuffing for Turkey

Get Turkey ready for the oven – Stuff and put herb butter under the skin.  Put in oven depending on size of bird 3 1/2 – 5 hours before you want to eat.  For example- an 18 lb bird cooks for 15 minutes per lb = 3 1/2 hours – 5 hours depending on whether you are stuffing the bird or not. So if you want to eat at 6:00 pm to allow for 30 minutes of resting time and time to carve, you will want to take the turkey out of the oven about 5:15pm.  That means you will want to put an 18 lb stuffed bird IN the oven no later than around 12:15.

Prepare potatoes- peel for mashed or prepare Cheesy Hash brown Casserole.  Cheesy Hash browns take 1 hour to cook so you have to plan your  cooking time around the oven use unless you have a double oven.

Once the potatoes are done, prepare your green vegetable and just leave in fresh water covered on the stove.

Bread or rolls- if you are going to make the frozen once, this would be a good time to do that.

Other wise you are now ready to enjoy the next few hours of football.

The turkey is done and looking fantastic.  Now, you pop the cheesy potatoes back in the over to reheat. Or, if you are having mashed potatoes, started the potatoes to boil.   Start the veggies cooking in 15 minutes.  Covered the Turkey to rest and make gravy.











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