Cooking Terms and Tips

Cream – to beat fat (butter or shortening) and sugar together to add air.  This makes it light and fluffy and will change the color making it a lighter color than what you started with.

Holy trinity or trinity – an equal mix of diced onion, celery and green pepper

Meniscus– The curve in liquids caused by surface tension as the liquid crawls up the side of the container making the measurement inaccurate.  You must always measure liquids at eye level with liquids on a flat surface in a clear glass container.

Mirepoix–  the french term for the mix of onion, celery and carrots used to start soups or stews.  Prounounced –  meer-PWAH

Roux – a mixture of melted fat (butter or fat) and flour used as the base for thickening gravies or soups