Have you thought about doing a Smoothy Cleanse?  This recipe has the basic components needed for a cleanse and can be substituted for a couple of meals during the day, due to the protein and fat.  You can change up the components according to your taste and preferences.  Don’t leave out the protein or the coconut oil. You can substitute the fat in the coconut oil for other nut butters like almond butter or others, but you need the fat to feel full, satiated and fat to burn fat.   They each play a role in either helping you to feel full or speed upRead More →

Mango Triple Berry Smoothy Recipe 1/2 C Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt 1/2 C fresh Mango cubed 1 C Triple Berry Frozen Fruit mix 1/4 C skim milk 1/4 C apple juice 1/2 Tsp sweetener – non-calorie – honey Put all ingredients in a single serve blender container. You can double this recipe and make enough for two if you want.  Pulse for 20-30 seconds and you are done!  Very simple. The fruit can be exchanged as well as the juices as long as you keep the portions the same.  I often substitute banana or strawberries for the mango.  I also will buy different frozen fruitRead More →