Balsamic Marinated Roast Pork Loin

Marinated Balsamic Roast Pork Loin
The balsamic Marinade gives a nice brown crust

Balsamic Marinated Roast Pork Loin  Recipe

3-4 lb pork loin or pork tenderloins

4 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar

4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6-8 loves of garlic cut in halves and quarters

1 tsp steak spice  (from blog Grilled Spiced Steak or a bottled variety or sea salt)

1 tsp ground pepper

1 tsp fresh chopped rosemary


Remove the silver skin that is on the pork loin with a sharp knife before combining the marinade ingredients.  Slip a sharp thin knife just under this silver membrane and separate it from the muscle tissue, working toward the end of the meat.

Balsamic Marinated Roast Pork Loin
Slip a sharp knife under the sliver skin to remove

Repeat this process until it is all removed, keeping the blade at an angle moving away from you.  It might take a couple of moments to complete this, but it is time well spent.  This membrane will make your meat tough after it has cooked, as it will not break down and tenderize during the cooking process.

Balsamic Marinated Roast Pork Loin
Combine all marinade ingredients in the pan you are going to roast the pork loin in.

Place your pork loin in a dish that you will bake in and add the marinade ingredients: balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Next, make small slits in the meat and slide the garlic pieces right into your meat.

This will penetrate and infuse the garlic flavor all through the pork while it is marinating and cooking.  The garlic will be nice and soft when the meat is cooked and tastes delicious.  You can remove it before serving, if this is your preference.  Sprinkle the steak spice or salt, pepper and chopped rosemary over the meat.  Cover and let sit for at least an hour before cooking.

Bake at 500F for 20-25 minutes for small tenderloins or 400F for 40-50 minutes for a larger loin or until your meat thermometer reads 170F when inserted into the thickest portion of the loin.

This Marinated Pork Loin is also delicious on the grill.  Preheat the grill to 400-450F and place the meat of the grill.  Please note that the balsamic marinate does have some sugar* and some burning may occur if you don’t watch it pretty carefully.  I would recommend a lower temperature as I have indicated and turning the pork loin a couple of times to prevent this.  Use tongs so as not to puncture the meat and let any of the juices out.

*Balsamic Vinegar is made from a reduction of grape juice that is aged in wooden barrels.  Depending on the quality of the vinegar you buy, will determine the aging process.  I have provided a link to explain a little of the process.

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