About Me

My name is Sherry and I am an avid cook and baker.  I started cooking when I was just 8 years old in the summers with my mom and I at our lake cottage and the rain and cold weather kept us inside the cabin.  I think mom kept me out of her hair, by suggesting that I bake.  I learned to love cooking over our summers together from a woman that was a wonderful cook and baker.  Now that she is gone, I will especially cherish those memories of our cooking times together.  I named this site after her amazing Pumpkin Chiffon Pie.  I have never had pumpkin pie made like this anywhere else and it has converted many a pumpkin pie “hater” into a pumpkin pie lover.  Many of the recipes I use today, come from my mom and help to keep her memory alive.

When I went to college, I honed my skills with a Home-Ec degree and learned more of the “technical and chemical” reasons for what happened in the cooking process.  I have done some catering and cake decorating as well over the years.  Along the way, I have been writing a cookbook (unpublished) of my favorites.  This blog will share those recipes of the tried and true dishes that have made my family and friends happy.  Hope they make you happy too!